Timber Trail


Timbertrail is found west of Algonquin Park, north of the Ox Narrows. A great place to seek out solitude and climb a wide variety of different routes. Home to Broken Arrow.


Bark Lake (Harris Bay)


This area is close to two of SO’s most popular destinations, Diamond Lake and Papineau Roadside. It’s home to the Blood Wall, among other crags. Lots to see and climb, but it requires crossing the spooky Bark Lake, which can be miserably wind-swept.


Montagne du Coq


An alpine-esque crag that punches above its weight-class. Just north of Ottawa/Aylmer. Driving directions. English beta. French beta.




Highlights include: trips into Canyonlands, Panther Gorge, Rockies, Maineline and new routes: Young Lust and House of Honey Badger

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Highlights include a long-time dream - La Ruée vers l'Or, Okanagan Ice and Willoughby. And new routesThe Six and City Wranger at Kluke, The Hunter in the Canyonlands, Dirtyer Harryer and Little Snowblower at Diamond Lake.

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Highlights include Trophy Wall, , and new routes: Ashokan Farewell, Peach Sparrow, Smith Family Robinson and Crusoe at Diamond Lake and Diamond in the Rough at Hidden Gems.

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Highlights include trips into Batchawana, Grands Jardin, Le Mulot and Speedy Gonzales, Timbertrail Crag and De Bonne Heure Su'l Piton at Coq Mtn.

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